Maîtriser l'oxygène et le temps


Our R&D team hits the road

A busy end to the year for our R&D team.

Virtual reality cork harvest

Immerse yourself deep in the heart of a cork oak forest thanks to virtual reality!


In order to continue to offer producers a range of solutions best adapted to their wines, Diam Bouchage is further expanding its range of corks for still wines.

Inauguration in Santiago de Chile

Our long-term distributor Altasur is opening a brand new DIAM finishing unit in Latin America.

Diam Tasting Clubs

An all-new tasting format for our US clients!

Bottling White Book

Discover all of the controls and adjustments in corking to guarantee the best bottling possible.

Mytik Diam partners the film Champagne!

Mytik Diam is proud to be a partner of the new film by Nicolas Vanier, Champagne!

The festival season

Take a look at photos from across all of the summer festivals partnered by Diam!

Jornada Grupo Rioja

Jornada Grupo Rioja “reinvents the future”!

Springtime for Trade Shows

Diam was present for the grand return of face-to-face international trade shows.

Diam Bouchage is giving its clients "the power of choice"

Let's discover our new 2022 advertising campaign “Controlling oxygen and time”.

Diam Bouchage is awarded the ECOVADIS Gold Medal!

An award which illustrates the company’s solid commitment towards CSR.

In search of Italian oenologists

A host of discussions were organised throughout Italy during the Spring.

Magníficos vivir el vino

The ceremony awarded the 11 Magníficos from the Vivir el Vino Guide.

9th edition of Wine Conversations

A hugely successful 9th edition of Wine Conversations!

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°180 - OTR and Ageing

Search for an analytical method adapted to OTR measurement of stoppers after long-term bottle ageing

A start of the year with a host of trade shows in the USA

Our teams in the USA took to the road for the first quarter!

CSR in Focus – 2021 initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility: learn about the commitments taken by Diam Bouchage.

RVF Awards Ceremony

The start of the year marked the return of the annual Revue du Vin de France ceremony!

Long live face-to-face!

After many months away, Autumn 2021 marked the return of face-to-face professional trade shows.

Diam and the Italian Dolce Vita

The second half of the year was brimming in events in Italy!

6th edition of the Full Circle Beverage Conference

Diam Bouchage, as each year, was partner of the BevConf organised by Master of Wine Evan Golstein.

Re-discover the DIAM guarantee

A beautiful saga published across our social networks.

New Mytik Diam Cork !

Diam Bouchage launches Mytik Diam 10. A cork with mechanical and oxygen management properties specially developed for cellar ageing Champagne

Cork is at the heart of our ecological commitments

For more than 10 years, Diam Bouchage has been involved alongside forestry professionals to protect, revitalize and enhance the cork industry around the Mediterranean.

A summer of catching up!

In this early summer period, we are delighted to have been able to catch up with our clients for some fun-filled events!

Diam makes a commitment to local sponsorship

Each year, Diam Bouchage invests to help integrate young people in the Pyrénées-Orientales region. On the schedule are the “Alfred Sauvy Prize” and the UPVD Foundation (Perpignan Via Domitia University).

New DIAM marking plant in the USA

G3 Enterprises, our US distributor, has inaugurated a new DIAM corking plant.

Diam supports mechanisation of corl harvesting

From mid-June, the Mediterranean Cork Institute, with the support of Diam Bouchage, is organising training programmes in mechanised cork harvesting alongside Serpe, a forestry contractor. This mechanisation, undertaken using the Coveless tool.

Technical webinar for our South-American clients

A first technical webinar has been proposed in collaboration with our distributor Altasur for the South America region.

Jornada Online

Our Jornada is now in digital format.

Wine Conversations

The 23rd of March 2021, Wine Conversations celebrated its 8th anniversary… in digital format!

Viti Webinar

3rd and final Webinar session with Mon Viti online workshops!

An eventful year-end in Latin America!

The last months of the year 2020 were punctuated by many tasting sessions in Argentina in digital format … but not just that!

Our best wishes to the Œnologues de France

Following the announcement of the cancellation of the Congress of Oenologists 2021, we wanted to send a message to each of the 1,380 adherent members of the Union!

Vinitech and Unified in digital format

In view of the health situation, we were present in the wine sector via virtual stands for the two unmissable rendezvous of the last two months.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°178 - X-ray imaging and O2 transfer

X-ray imaging and supervised classification based on the oxygen transfer of punched natural cork stoppers.

Good deeds to end 2020

For Christmas Diam supported Doctors Without Borders and Unapei 66.

DIAM supports a large-scale cork oak tree plantation programme in Provence.

In November 2020, the company is joining forces with the Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region and ASL Suberaie Varoise to plant a total of 3,252 cork oaks across 6 hectares of land in Provence.

Full Circle Beverage Conference

As in previous years Diam Bouchage had the pleasure to participate in the Beverage Conference, with Covid-19 restrictions in place this edition was evidently digital.

Oeneo Group Governance: Dominique Tourneix appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

Oeneo Group Governance: Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dominique Tourneix appointed as Chief Executive Officer. 

Final of the Best Wine Merchant in France

Diam Bouchage has been a partner of the Best Wine Merchant competition since the first edition. In this unique year we were, of course, once again among the organisers!

CNBC Report - Sustainable Energy

Our Diamant® treatment is the focus of a report on Green Technology.

New point-of-sale displays for our distributors.

Throughout the summer, we have been sending new displays to our distribution network.

“François Friday” webseries

14 short videos about cork in general, and Diam in particular.

An Oenological Centre at the heart of the R&D department within the Diam Bouchage company.

Convinced that the closure is more than a simple stopper, Diam Bouchage considers its product as a genuine oenological tool and still heavily invested in research.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°176 - Permeability and white wines

Bottle ageing of three white wines as a function of the stopper’s permeability to oxygen : the case of Viognier and Chardonnay

Diam project co-financed by ICEX

The industrial Department at Diam Corchos (Spain) is working on humidity managment on productions lines.

The Diam teams have gone digital!

During this exceptional period, our teams have adapted to the situation and offered digital conferences.

Diam and COVID-19

The measures put in place to guarantee the operations of our facilities.

7th edition of Wine Conversations!

This year, more than 120 professionals attended the annual event organised by Diam and G3.

Diam interview with NBC California

During Unified, François Margot, Diam Sales Director for the USA, was interviewed for the American channel.

Diam was at Agrovina and Agratage

The year 2020 got off to a flying start for our teams who were present at 2 trade shows in Switzerland and Germany.

Diam presents the RVF award for environmental innovation

At its annual gala evening, the Revue du Vin de France once again awarded professionals who have made their mark on the year!

"Les coups de cœur Diam"

Discover Diam’s selection on the radio show In Vino on Sud Radio.

An autumn brimming with trade shows!

Over the last 3 months the Diam teams exhibited at the 3 major European trade shows: Viteff, Simei, Sitevi.

Paulée de Bordeaux 2019

Diam Bouchage was invited to participate in this exceptional event at the Domaine de Chevalier for a conference on wine bottle closure and mastering oxygen transmission.

A new price for Origine by Diam® cork !

The Simei 2019 honours Origine by Diam® the ‘green’ cork that is both respectful of wine and the environment.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°173 - Permeability and sulphite levels

Low-permeability closures contribute to lower sulphite levels in rosé wines and improve their aging capacity

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°172 - OIR / OTR (part 3/3)

Impact of oxygen permeability of stoppers on the aging of wines over a 10-year period

RDV DIAM Roussillon et Val de Loire

Un mois de juin exceptionnel pour nos RDV Diam sur le thème du « Consommateur français face au vin bio ».

Premium Tasting – CHILI

Depuis 3 ans, Diam est le partenaire privilégié de l’évènement le plus attendu de la profession en Amérique Latine.

‘Nuit du millésime’ in Corse - FRANCE

On the 7th June our teams were in Bastia to present our Corsican cork closures to the winegrowers.

Desafio Federal 2019 - ARGENTINA

Two days of conferences and tastings for specialist consumers, the press and Argentinean sommeliers.

Jornada DIAM: les markets places - ESPAGNE

Cette année, la traditionnelle Jornada Diam invitait en exclusivité les adhérents du Grupo Rioja pour parler des plateformes de vente en ligne.

Opening of the Tre Secoli Cellar - ITALY

A long-standing partner of the Tre Secoli cellar, Diam was naturally present at the opening of their new infrastructure.

VDP exhibition (Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter) - Germany

On the 28 th and 29 th of April, the annual VDP exhibition was held in Mainz, Germany.

You say Diam, I say yes!

A few days ago, our ‘You say Diam, I say yes!’ campaign celebrated its first birthday. The perfect opportunity for us to unveil our very latest video produced by the Quai des Lunes agency.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°171 - OIR / OTR (part 2/3)

Impact of oxygen permeability of stoppers on the aging of wines over a 10-year period.

SupAgro Wine Challenge – Montpellier

Diam Bouchage is a partner of the first edition of this grandiose tasting competition.

Wine Conversation - USA

This year was the 6th edition of Wine Conversations, an event organized by Diam Bouchage and G3 that is a firm-favourite with professionals in the sector.

Diam is on Instagram!

Join us on Instagram: @diam.cork

Wine Art Exhibition – Belgrade

A successful 2nd edition for this prestigious event.

3ème Congreso International del Rosado - Espagne

Diam Bouchage partner of the event.

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium - California

Diam and G3 were there to unveil the latest addition to the Origine range.

Spain - La Semana Vitivinícola

Impacto del cierre en el envejecimiento de los vinos en botella

RDV Diam

A very timely topic for this new edition of the Diam Rendez-Vous.

2018 in pictures!

Browse our photo gallery of all the events in which Diam participated as a sponsor, exhibitor or organiser in 2018.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°170 - OIR / OTR (part 1/3)

Impact of stoppers on the aging of wine in bottles.

8th Jornada DIAM

The 8th edition on the theme of sustainable production in Spain.

Best of 2018: glowing testimonials from our clients

Thank you all for your loyalty and the trust you place in us!

Sustainable development initiatives

Since its creation, Diam Bouchage has been committed to sustainable development initiatives. Let's discover some of them in this video.

Eric Perrin - Château Carbonnieux (France)

“We chose DIAM to ensure that all the work that is carried out from the initial stages is protected so that we can confidently pass the results of our work to our customer’s table.”

Olivier Bernard - Domaine de Chevalier (France)

"Now we have DIAM who are revolutionising the closure! [...] In my opinion, 90% of Bordeaux wines should today be sealed with these so-called technical closures."

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°161 - Technical corks

Benefits of cork-based technical closures for the aging of Burgundy wines

Ludgar Veit - Weingut Ludger Veit (Germany)

"Our bottled wine is clean, clear and magnificent. The taste of the wine also remains the same several years after the bottling."

Alexander Heer - Montana Wines (Germany)

“The results, since we started using Diam closures, are homogeneous bottles, improved sealing and product safety.”

Maxime Barmès - Domaine Barmès Buecher (France)

"Since 2009, all of our wines, including our Grand Crus are sealed with DIAM. The low permeability of Diam closures preserves S02."

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°157 - “varietal thiol”

Aging of a white wine of the “varietal thiol” type as a function of different oxygen contributions via cork closures and by micro-oxygenation

Hubert Bouteiller : Winegrower - Honorary Chairman of the CIVB (France)

“Diam responds with a guarantee of quality and security to the problems facing the wine closure. […] it is the tradition that is developing and becoming the tradition of the future.”

Demei Li : Consultant winemaker (China)

In the year 2006, I was told by my colleague, a French winemaker in France, that Diam cork is a very good product to protect the quality of the wines.

Best of 2012: glowing testimonials from our clients

Thank you all for your loyalty and the trust you place in us!

Margarethe Chapelle

« Diam est le seul bouchon que je connaisse qui n’a pas d’impact, qui reste totalement neutre sur les vins. »

Juan Carlos Sancha : Winemaker (Spain)

« Compared to other stopper systems, Diam win again in that they still use cork ».

Pablo del Villar - Bga Hnos del Villar (Spain)

« The majority of our customers share our opinion that Diam offer one of the best sealing systems available on the market. »

Cédric Thiebault - Besserat Bellefon (France)

« We were immediately drawn to this new product which has really revolutionised the world of cork. »

François Domi : Billecart Salmon (France)

« It's the respect for the wine purity which made us choose Mytik. »

Marc & Etienne Hugel : Maison Hugel et Fils (France)

« Thanks to Diam, our wines are bottled with a greatly reduced concentration of sulphites. »

Pierre-Henry Gagey : Louis Jadot (France)

« One of the reasons we like Diam, it is because it's cork. »

Michel Rolland : winemaker consultant (France)

"We seek out the most neutral materials possible. I think Diam stoppers represent a great technological breakthrough."

Stéphane Toutondji : winemaker consultant (France)

« we can adapt our techniques and retain control throughout the whole maturing and ageing process. »

Chiara Soldati : Owner of La Scolca (Italy)

« I consider Diam and Mytik to be products of great charm and pleasing to the eye. »

S.Clifton & G. Brewer : Brewer & Clifton Winery (USA)

« Diamant® process is one of the most impressive processes I've witnessed, in any part of the wine industry. »

Marco DiGuilio : Winemaker of Vintage Wine Estates (USA)

« It is last waste, more efficiency and Retailers or retaurants are actualy more likely to buy a bottle of wine from me if they know that it's gonna be with Diam closure »

Paolo Bisol : Owner of Ruggeri (Italy)

"Mytik certainly is the most sucessful of innovations"

Lucy Cléments : Winemaker de Sainsbury’s Supermarkets (England)

« Mytik is the perfect closure for Sparkling ! »

Daniel Pi : Chief Winemaker of Trapiche, Peñaflor Group (Argentina)

« The wine reaches the consumer in perfect condition. »

Mariano Di Paola : Winemaker of Bodega La Rural (Argentina)

"We discovered the Diam cork : the wine was impeccable and the fruity flavours had been perfectly preserved"

Patrick Jestin : CEO of CVBG Dourthe Kressmann (France)

« The Diam cork was most satisfactory in terms of preserving freshness and purity of aromas »

Brett Jackson : Chief Winemaker de Viña Valdivieso (Chili)

« We will obtained exactly the same result from the 1st to the 100 000th cork. »

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°142 - supercritical CO2

Extraction of MDMP via supercritical CO2 : Application to cork

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°133 - TCA

Migration of 2,4,6-TCA in still wines

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°125 - Diam cork

Comparative study of the Diam cork closure with other low TCA content closures.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues n°120 - DIAMANT® process

Impact of the Diamant® process on the organoleptic characteristics of cork powder