"You say Diam, I say yes!"
"You say Diam, I say yes!"



Programa de ayudas para actuaciones de eficiencia energetica en PYME y gran empresa del sector industrial (FNEE)

Reportage Midi en France - France 3

Dans les Pyrénées-Orientales, les bouchons innovent

Bruno de Saizieu - Europe 1

Bruno de Saizieu invité dans l'émission "La France qui bouge" sur Europe 1

French American Business Awards

A gold Award for Oeneo Group !

“You say Diam, I say Yes!”

Diam Bouchage launches its new advertising campaign

WILLAMETTE - The Pinot Noir Auction

Great success for Pinot Noir in Oregon !

FRANCE - Oenologues de France

Développement d’un bouchon bio-sourcé : « Origine© by Diam »

FRANCE - Terre de vins

[ENTRETIEN] Olivier Bernard : « il faut qu’on ait tous envie de mettre la marque Bordeaux »

USA - Grape Collective

California's David Ramey Understands That It's All About Making Delicious Wine


DIAM and the Triumph of Empiricism

Best of 2018: glowing testimonials from our clients

Thank you all for your loyalty and the trust you place in us!

Grands Crus Tasting in England

A tasting of the colours of Champagne and Burgundy.


L'appréhension du vin bouchonné s'éloigne

USA - Wines and Vines

Ensure Wine Quality and Path to Market


DIAM CORK - the end of corked wine

5th edition of Wine Conversations

An event that attracted the interest of many winemakers.

2nd Congress of Rosé in Spain

Conferences and tastings of a very high level.

2ème Weekend du Chêne liège dans le Var

L’opportunité pour faire connaitre au grand public les enjeux de l’économie du liège et le travail du bois.


Bruno De Saizieu, Business Director of DIAM Cork presents technical DIAM corks on TV7


DIAM corks ensuring our rosés stay purely delicious

Wine Art Exhibition in Belgrade (Serbia)

Diam Bouchage alongside Serbian winemakers for a high-end exhibition.

Master Blenders 2018 in Mendoza Argentina

An innovative initiative supported by Diam Bouchage!

UK - The Finest Bubble

Technological Corks: What’s The Big Deal?


How Diam Is Advancing the Wine Closure Market ?

Pinot Noir Celebration in South Africa

2 days of celebration at Hemel-en-Aarde in honour of Pinot Noir

España - La semana vitivinicola

Diam Bouchage, la innovación al servicio de la naturaleza

The Revue du Vin de France Evening - Men of the Year

Diam Bouchage presented the prize of innovation to the Domaine de la Colombette.


Five Decades of Burgundy with Dominique Lafon


Reinventing Cork

2017 in photos!

Discover in photos all the events in which Diam participated

FRANCE - Reportage France 3

Céret, l'innovation au coeur du succès des bouchons DIAM

RDV DIAM: The French consumer and ORGANIC products

A particularly topical theme for the 11th edition of Rendez-Vous Diam

Origine by Diam, medallist at SITEVI INNOVATION AWARDS 2017

This month, Origine by Diam was awarded a medal at the 2017 internationally renowned competition - the SITEVI Innovation Awards.

Oeneo evening at Domaine des Grands Chais

During the Sitevi Salon, the Oeneo Group invited its customers to navigate the islands.

100% Champagne evening

Tasting of champagne 100% Pinot Noir, 100% Pinot Meunier and 100% Chardonnay

Winemakers sub40

Diam Bouchage was in Mendoza to reward the work of young Argentinean oenologists.

USA - Huffington Post

How Technology Makes Life-and Wine-More Satisfying


El tapón Origine de la empresa Diam Bouchage, total seguridad para vinos

Origine by Diam in South America

Official launch of our new eco-friendly closure in Argentina and Chile

Sustainable development initiatives

Since its creation, Diam Bouchage has been committed to sustainable development initiatives. Let's discover some of them in this video.

Full Circle BevCon - Trade & Media Grand Tasting (USA)

Evan Goldstein and Doug Frost assembled 600 people for a blind tasting.

UK - Jancis Robinson - More on Diam

"You might like to know a bit more about my visit to the producers of Diam technical corks"

Origine by Diam, innovation at the service of Nature

Twelve years after launching the DIAMANT® technological process, Diam Bouchage once again revolutionises the wine world with a major technological breakthrough.

UK - DRINK BUSINESS Origine by Diam

Diam Bouchage Introduces Origine® by Diam a New, Technologically Advanced Sustainable Cork

Eric Perrin - Château Carbonnieux (France)

“We chose DIAM to ensure that all the work that is carried out from the initial stages is protected so that we can confidently pass the results of our work to our customer’s table.”

Olivier Bernard - Domaine de Chevalier (France)

"Now we have DIAM who are revolutionising the closure! [...] In my opinion, 90% of Bordeaux wines should today be sealed with these so-called technical closures."

FRANCE - Vitisphere - Origine by Diam

Diam présente un nouveau bouchon écoresponsable

Diam Bouchage launches Corsican cork

After the cork of Roussillon and the cork of Provence, Diam closures are now being made with cork exclusively harvested on the Île de Beauté - Corsica.

Diam, the preferred closure for reducing SO2 levels in wine

The characteristics of Diam closures ensure their effectiveness in reducing sulphite levels in wine.

Underwater ageing study in the Canary Islands

Diam corked wines have shown very good results

FRANCE - Forbes - To cork or not to cork

Fine Wine Producers debate to Cork or not To Cork

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - Technical corks

Benefits of cork-based technical closures for the aging of Burgundy wines

UK - Jamie Goode's Wine Blog

Domaine Leflaive's switch to DIAM

Ludgar Veit - Weingut Ludger Veit (Germany)

"Our bottled wine is clean, clear and magnificent. The taste of the wine also remains the same several years after the bottling."

Alexander Heer - Montana Wines (Germany)

“The results, since we started using Diam closures, are homogeneous bottles, improved sealing and product safety.”

Diam Bouchage a company which is expanding in France

The only French firm to manufacture cork stoppers using real cork as a raw material

Maxime Barmès - Domaine Barmès Buecher (France)

"Since 2009, all of our wines, including our Grand Crus are sealed with DIAM. The low permeability of Diam closures preserves S02."

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - “varietal thiol”

Aging of a white wine of the “varietal thiol” type as a function of different oxygen contributions via cork closures and by micro-oxygenation

Best of 2012: glowing testimonials from our clients

Thank you all for your loyalty and the trust you place in us!

Juan Carlos Sancha : Winemaker (Spain)

« Compared to other stopper systems, Diam win again in that they still use cork ».

Pablo del Villar - Bga Hnos del Villar (Spain)

« The majority of our customers share our opinion that Diam offer one of the best sealing systems available on the market. »

Cédric Thiebault - Besserat Bellefon (France)

« We were immediately drawn to this new product which has really revolutionised the world of cork. »

François Domi : Billecart Salmon (France)

« It's the respect for the wine purity which made us choose Mytik. »

Pierre-Henry Gagey : Louis Jadot (France)

« One of the reasons we like Diam, it is because it's cork. »

Michel Rolland : winemaker consultant (France)

"We seek out the most neutral materials possible. I think Diam stoppers represent a great technological breakthrough."

Stéphane Toutondji : winemaker consultant (France)

« we can adapt our techniques and retain control throughout the whole maturing and ageing process. »

Chiara Soldati : Owner of La Scolca (Italy)

« I consider Diam and Mytik to be products of great charm and pleasing to the eye. »

Marco DiGuilio : Winemaker of Vintage Wine Estates (USA)

« It is last waste, more efficiency and Retailers or retaurants are actualy more likely to buy a bottle of wine from me if they know that it's gonna be with Diam closure »

Paolo Bisol : Owner of Ruggeri (Italy)

"Mytik certainly is the most sucessful of innovations"

Lucy Cléments : Winemaker de Sainsbury’s Supermarkets (England)

« Mytik is the perfect closure for Sparkling ! »

Daniel Pi : Chief Winemaker of Trapiche, Peñaflor Group (Argentina)

« The wine reaches the consumer in perfect condition. »

Mariano Di Paola : Winemaker of Bodega La Rural (Argentina)

"We discovered the Diam cork : the wine was impeccable and the fruity flavours had been perfectly preserved"

Patrick Jestin : CEO of CVBG Dourthe Kressmann (France)

« The Diam cork was most satisfactory in terms of preserving freshness and purity of aromas »

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - supercritical CO2

Extraction of MDMP via supercritical CO2 : Application to cork

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - TCA

Migration of 2,4,6-TCA in still wines

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - Diam cork

Comparative study of the Diam cork closure with other low TCA content closures.

FRANCE - Revue des Œnologues - DIAMANT® process

Impact of the Diamant® process on the organoleptic characteristics of cork powder