Maîtriser l'oxygène et le temps


Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional



Programa de ayudas para la ampliacion y la modernizacion de empresas.

Diam project co-financed by ICEX

The industrial Department at Diam Corchos (Spain) is working on humidity managment on productions lines.

Bev Conference

For the 5th edition of the Bev Conference, Diam Bouchage chose to strengthen its partnership with Full Circle.

A summer on the road for the Diam Bouchage teams

Throughout the summer Diam had the pleasure of being a partner of many cultural events organised by our customers throughout France and abroad.

3,500 visitors for Diamant III!

More than 3,500 people have visited our Céret plant since June 2015.

Diam’s Rock with Collisionni in Italy

As part of the programme, in addition to the many concerts, the organisers also presented the ‘Progetto Vino’.

R&D project co-financed by ICEX

The R&D Department at Diam Corchos (Spain) is working on the development of a prototype to improve the performance of its TCA extraction equipment.

The Revue du Vin de France evening - Paris

Diam presented the innovation prize to Michel Drappier.

Bordeaux Tasting

An undeniable success for the 7th edition of Bordeaux Tasting!

WINovation Awards

One more award for Origine by Diam!

Vinitech 2018

As every two years, the Diam Bouchage teams welcomed their customers to their stand during the 3-day show, held the 20th-22nd November 2018 at the Parc des Expositions in Bordeaux.

Lyon Tasting

Great success for the second edition of the event organized by Terre de Vins.

Reportage Midi en France - France 3

Dans les Pyrénées-Orientales, les bouchons innovent

Bruno de Saizieu - Europe 1

Bruno de Saizieu invité dans l'émission "La France qui bouge" sur Europe 1

French American Business Awards

A gold Award for Oeneo Group !

“You say Diam, I say Yes!”

Diam Bouchage launches its new advertising campaign

WILLAMETTE - The Pinot Noir Auction

Great success for Pinot Noir in Oregon !

FRANCE - Oenologues de France

Développement d’un bouchon bio-sourcé : « Origine© by Diam »

FRANCE - Terre de vins

[ENTRETIEN] Olivier Bernard : « il faut qu’on ait tous envie de mettre la marque Bordeaux »

USA - Grape Collective

California's David Ramey Understands That It's All About Making Delicious Wine


DIAM and the Triumph of Empiricism

Grands Crus Tasting in England

A tasting of the colours of Champagne and Burgundy.


L'appréhension du vin bouchonné s'éloigne

USA - Wines and Vines

Ensure Wine Quality and Path to Market


DIAM CORK - the end of corked wine

5th edition of Wine Conversations

An event that attracted the interest of many winemakers.

2nd Congress of Rosé in Spain

Conferences and tastings of a very high level.

2ème Weekend du Chêne liège dans le Var

L’opportunité pour faire connaitre au grand public les enjeux de l’économie du liège et le travail du bois.


Bruno De Saizieu, Business Director of DIAM Cork presents technical DIAM corks on TV7


DIAM corks ensuring our rosés stay purely delicious

Wine Art Exhibition in Belgrade (Serbia)

Diam Bouchage alongside Serbian winemakers for a high-end exhibition.

Master Blenders 2018 in Mendoza Argentina

An innovative initiative supported by Diam Bouchage!

UK - The Finest Bubble

Technological Corks: What’s The Big Deal?


How Diam Is Advancing the Wine Closure Market ?

Pinot Noir Celebration in South Africa

2 days of celebration at Hemel-en-Aarde in honour of Pinot Noir

España - La semana vitivinicola

Diam Bouchage, la innovación al servicio de la naturaleza

The Revue du Vin de France Evening - Men of the Year

Diam Bouchage presented the prize of innovation to the Domaine de la Colombette.


Five Decades of Burgundy with Dominique Lafon


Reinventing Cork

2017 in photos!

Discover in photos all the events in which Diam participated

FRANCE - Reportage France 3

Céret, l'innovation au coeur du succès des bouchons DIAM

RDV DIAM: The French consumer and ORGANIC products

A particularly topical theme for the 11th edition of Rendez-Vous Diam

Origine by Diam, medallist at SITEVI INNOVATION AWARDS 2017

This month, Origine by Diam was awarded a medal at the 2017 internationally renowned competition - the SITEVI Innovation Awards.

Oeneo evening at Domaine des Grands Chais

During the Sitevi Salon, the Oeneo Group invited its customers to navigate the islands.

100% Champagne evening

Tasting of champagne 100% Pinot Noir, 100% Pinot Meunier and 100% Chardonnay

Winemakers sub40

Diam Bouchage was in Mendoza to reward the work of young Argentinean oenologists.

USA - Huffington Post

How Technology Makes Life-and Wine-More Satisfying


El tapón Origine de la empresa Diam Bouchage, total seguridad para vinos

Origine by Diam in South America

Official launch of our new eco-friendly closure in Argentina and Chile

Full Circle BevCon - Trade & Media Grand Tasting (USA)

Evan Goldstein and Doug Frost assembled 600 people for a blind tasting.

UK - Jancis Robinson - More on Diam

"You might like to know a bit more about my visit to the producers of Diam technical corks"

Origine by Diam, innovation at the service of Nature

Twelve years after launching the DIAMANT® technological process, Diam Bouchage once again revolutionises the wine world with a major technological breakthrough.

UK - DRINK BUSINESS Origine by Diam

Diam Bouchage Introduces Origine® by Diam a New, Technologically Advanced Sustainable Cork

FRANCE - Vitisphere - Origine by Diam

Diam présente un nouveau bouchon écoresponsable

Diam Bouchage launches Corsican cork

After the cork of Roussillon and the cork of Provence, Diam closures are now being made with cork exclusively harvested on the Île de Beauté - Corsica.

Diam, the preferred closure for reducing SO2 levels in wine

The characteristics of Diam closures ensure their effectiveness in reducing sulphite levels in wine.

Underwater ageing study in the Canary Islands

Diam corked wines have shown very good results

FRANCE - Forbes - To cork or not to cork

Fine Wine Producers debate to Cork or not To Cork

UK - Jamie Goode's Wine Blog

Domaine Leflaive's switch to DIAM

Competition Final of Best Wine Merchant in France

Once again Diam Bouchage was pleased to be a partner

Technical day at Castilla y Léon

Diam, partner alongside the association of oenologists in Ribera del Duero.

Food and wine pairing lunches in South Africa

The guests could appreciate the fine wines that have already placed their confidence in DIAM 30.

Galicia’s first oenological meeting (Spain)

A real success, the event brought together almost all the oenologists in the region

Diam celebrates summer in Music

This summer, with the aim of sharing a good time with its customers, Diam Bouchage was a partner in several quality cultural events organised by various winegrowers.

Regional cork in the spotlight

In June, the cork harvesting season, we once again had the opportunity to raise public awareness and increase the number of winemakers who are in favour of using French cork!

VII Jornada Diam: debate on the classification of Rioja wines

Advantages, risks, implementation conditions, examples from other wine regions in the world: all aspects of the issues that concern winemakers today were dissected under the microscope.

Wine Conversation Diam

Edition after edition, our tasting and conference days are becoming an essential RDV for Californian wine experts.

‘Wine, Reputation and Sustainable Consumption’

at the heart of the workshop proposed by the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, in partnership with Oeneo

RENDEZ-VOUS DIAM: Let’s talk a little history!

Franck Ferrand hosted a conference on ‘History and Viticulture’.

Diam Bouchage a company which is expanding in France

The only French firm to manufacture cork stoppers using real cork as a raw material

End of year tasting with the Enoduero association

Around the world in red wines : France, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, for oenologists from Ribera del Duero

The Oeneo group invited its guests to a gastronomic journey through Europe.

During the evening, over 400 people gathered at the Domaine de Verchant

USA - Shafer Vineyards Uncorks a Surprise

Earlier this year, Shafer Vineyards switched from natural cork to Diam

In November the ‘Rendez-Vous DIAM' held a debate on the future of Bordeaux Primeur wines.

This conference brought together hundreds of passionate individuals!

Celebrating 10 years of Mytik Diam!

Rosé Champagnes took centre stage at this friendly and festive event.

Diam Bouchage opens its new plant, Diamant III, in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The construction of the new cork treatment unit, which uses the “Diamant®” process, in Céret completes the existing 5ha site that also houses the Diam Bouchage head office.

Tasting of Diam corked wines in South Africa.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new plant at our local distributor, winemakers in the Cape region were invited to Diam conference.

ITALIA - Corriere della Sera: DIAMANT3

Nella fabbrica dei tappi che non sentono di tappo

This week Diam flew the Italian colours!

25 journalists were welcomed to our Céret site for a visit of the new plant.

Diam Bouchage and Estandon Vignerons have joined forces to revive the exploitation of cork in the Var

Estandon Vignerons and Diam Bouchage are part of a concrete action in terms of sustainable development. To celebrate this new partnership, a relaxed and friendly event was held in the Var at Notre Dame de Anges in Pignans!

Mytik & Diam Golf Tournaments

In May, more than 70 of our golf loving clients took centre stage during the DIAM tournament in Pessac and the MYTIK Diam tournament in Champagne!

‘Rendez-vous Diam’ in Narbonne

On the 7th May, numerous vintners of the Languedoc region met in Narbonne to attend the latest Rendezvous Diam at the L’abbaye de Fontfroide.

Jornada Diam & Mytik in Sitges (Catalonia)

On the 22nd April, in collaboration with the Catalan Vinicole Association, we held a Jornada Diam & Mytik in Sitges (Catalonia) on the theme of "Luxury and Catalan wine: the key to achieving a prestigious market positioning."

Rendezvous Mytik Diam in Epernay: ‘Politics and Viticulture’

More than 70 Champagne Houses emblematic of the region gathered to attend the latest ‘Rendezvous Mytik Diam’ which was held at the ‘Hostellerie La Briqueterie’ the Thursday 12th February,

FRANCE – TV7 – Point de vue – Diam Bouchage, guardian of aromas

Interview with Bruno de Saizieu - Commercial Director at Diam Bouchage.

The renaissance of cork in the Var region of Provence

Diam Bouchage and Var Cork: a real sustainable development project!

Best of Diam 30 Conference

Pour découvrir ou redécouvrir les meilleurs moments de nos 3 conférences Diam 30

Diam Bouchage at the Vinitech tradeshow in China

This year, for the first time, Sitevinitech China was held in the province of Ningxia.

Tournoi de Golf Mytik Diam

Mytik Diam a organisé une matinée de golf pour remercier ses clients et ainsi fêter la réussite de la société.

Conférence Diam 30 #3

Pour cette troisième et dernière Conférence, ce fut au tour d’Hubert De Boüard de nous conter son expérience de ces 30 dernières années de viticulture.

New Diam rendezvous in Alsace.

"Luxury: an opportunity for Alsace wines?"

VI Jornada Diam: Objective China

The latest edition of the technical conference hosted by Diam Bouchage in Rioja analyses the key factors of the Chinese market and the opportunities for the Spanish region to position itself in the premium segment range.

Diam 30 Conference #2

Stéphane Derenoncourt interviewed by Michel Bettane immersed the participants in the last three decades of winemaking.

Diam 30 Conference #1

Michel Rolland outlined the key changes in the wine industry over the last thirty years in an interview with Bernard Burtschy.

Paolo Araldo Interview by Sky TV

During the Diam WineTasting organized with the Associazione Italiana Sommelier Roma.

The launching of Diam closures in Serbia was a great success!

More than 50 wine industry professionals were present today at the Diam product presentation and wines tasting.

Luxury is the theme of the latest 'Rendezvous Diam' in Bordeaux.

Diam Bouchage once again organised a memorable event on the 22nd of January by uniting over 60 vineyards emblematic of the region, for a unique meeting-debate.

Bordeaux Tasting

Diam 30 was greeted with loud applause by the Bordeaux exhibitors

Conference on Biodynamics – Margareth Chapelle.

Sensitive crystallization of wine from the vine to the closure.

Mas baux – Cuvée Alexandre 2011

The first wine to be closed with Diam 30!

Diam Bouchage breaks new ground with a cork closure that has a lifespan of over 30 years.

Building on its expertise in the technical cork segment, Diam proposes a cork closure whose longevity can reach 30 years.

USA - Wine Business monthly - DIAM new Export Manager in USA

DIAM, one of the world’s leading wine closure companies, has named François Margot as the export manager for North America.

6 American journalists visiting Diam

Based in the heart of the cork oak forests of Extremadura, our factory in San Vicente de Alcántara regularly receives visitors from all over world.

"Champagne and your offer" the central theme of the new Rendezvous Mytik Diam (France)

In Epernay, on Monday the 1st of July, Diam Bouchage assembled more than 40 great Champagne Houses emblematic of the region - Jacques Péters, Vincent Bastien et Bernard Burstchy.

Luxury and authenticity at the heart of the new 'Rendezvous Diam' in Burgundy (France)

In Beaune, on Tuesday the 25th of June, Diam Bouchage assembled more than 60 great Wine Houses emblematic of the region.

Diam Bouchage partenaire du Musée du Liège (France)

Inauguration d'un nouvel espace faisant le lien entre la fabrication du liège et la viticulture en présence de Monsieur le Maire de Maureillas-Las-Illas.

ITALIA - Reportage DIAM - TV Rai 2

Venerdì 7di giugno - Eat Parade

Jornada DIAM 2013

La V Journée DIAM en Rioja invite les vignobles à se lancer dans la communication online en plus des supports traditionnels.

VIVA Sustainable Wine project

Diam Bouchage sponsors the Project for the Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Wine-Growing promoted by the Department for the Environment.

Diam launches a mobile version of its website!

Automatically accessible from all smartphones, this new tool will enable you to stay up-to-date with all Diam Bouchage’s latest news and information wherever you are!

Permeability: Diam offers you the choice

Diam Bouchage expands its range with 2 new permeability values available for its Diam 1, 3 and 5 closures.

Diam Meeting in Bordeaux

Diam Bouchage gathered together the great international wine-tasters in Bordeaux for another Meeting of its exclusive club.

USA - Drink Business - William Fèvre Interview

Didier Seguier, head winemaker at William Fèvre, explains why he considers Diam as the best.

Diam partner in the RVF Wine Trophy awards

The Revue du Vin de France magazine acknowledges eleven outstanding professionals in the world of wine-making.

FRANCE - BFM : Intégrale Bourse - L'entreprise du jour : Oeneo

Interview de Hervé Dumesny - Directeur Général Adjoint Finances du groupe Oeneo.

Diam Bouchage refurbishes its Spanish factory’s “Casa”

The “Casa” is in the center of the factory and has, for several years, provided an ideal setting for guests to visit the site and appreciate Spanish hospitality in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

USA - Wine searcher : Mumm Moves to Diam

“You have less difference from one bottle to another with Mytik Diam"

Diam Bouchage: outstanding export performance

Winner in the “Export Performance” category awarded in recognition of the company’s strong international growth over the last three years.

A new campaign from DIAM, on the theme of guardian of aromas.

In October 2012, an extensive international advertising campaign, conducted by the Rivière & Co agency, was put into action.

ESPAÑA - La prensa del rioja : Diam aumenta sus ventas y posicionamiento en Rioja

"Con más de mil millones de tapones vendidos cada año alrededor del mundo, Diam Corchos confirma su liderazgo en la fabricación de corchos tecnológicos. "

Mytik Diam Rendez-vous in the Champagne region! (France)

Many participants from the world of Champagne attended the conference given by Jean-Pierre Raffarin on the Chinese market and the development opportunities for champagne wines.

IV Jornada Diam (Spain) : Women & Wine

For the 4th consecutive year, Diam Bouchage, in collaboration with the Association of Oenologists from La Rioja, organised a meeting with professionals in the sector for its annual technical day.

Diam Rendez-vous - 1st event held in Beaune (France)

The first DIAM Meeting took place on 11th April in Beaune where the focus was on China with Jean-Pierre Raffarin

The Rendez vous Diam : a new and exclusive club launched by Diam Bouchage

Each Meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss with high level stakeholders, specialists and internationally renowned individuals in a prestigious setting.

Vive le Rousillon ! (France)

Cork producers and Roussillon winegrowers have never been quite so close! Diam Bouchage now offers a closure made from Roussillon cork.

FRANCE - Wine Paper : Diam, le gardien des arômes ! Rencontre avec Bruno de Saizieu - directeur Marketing et Commercial de Diam Bouchage

Acteur important sur le segment du liège « technologique », Diam Bouchage propose une gamme de bouchons pour les vins, les champagnes et les spiritueux.

ESPAÑA - Europa cork : Tecnología DIAMANT

"los tapones Diam reúnen todos los requisitos de calidad, seguridad alimentaria y preservación del bouquet del vino."

Impact of the cork whilst consuming wine.

IPSOS study carried out on 300 consumers of top-of-the-range wine (>35€ on trade)

DIAM, a closure in Gold!

The Vinitech 2004 Gold Medal for Innovation was awarded to the "Diam" closure developed by Oeneo Division Bouchage